The need for immediate access business information isn’t something we need to explain to you. No matter what your role is – credit manager, corporate librarian, competitive intelligence professional, strategic planner, sales manager, business development professional, market research or purchasing manager – the world you live in isn’t just changing daily…it’s changing by the hour. And you know that the decisions you make are only as good as the information you base them on. We can help.  SkyMinder is the first service of its kind to put everything you need together in one place.  That includes the reliable business and financial information you’re looking for, the convenience of single-entry searching, and the value of a service where you search for free and pay only for what you need.


“I’ve been using SkyMinder’s resources a little less than a year now, and they have vastly improved my ability to obtain credit and financial information on customers in the UK, Europe, the Mediterranean, the Pacific Basin, and the Far East, at a very reasonable price and in a reasonable amount of time, and usually from a choice of providers.”

Andrew C. Ward, C.I.C.P.
Corporate Credit Manager
A.E. Petsche Co., Inc.
Arlington, Texas 76012

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