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Data Select Network provides easy online access to the ConsumerView repository and Experian’s National Business Database. The Consumer View repository is the foundation for all our consumer marketing lists including the consumer database, New Movers Database, New Homeowners Database and more! With covering including approximately 215 million consumers in 110 million living units, Data Select Network is the most comprehensive and accurate source for consumer marketing data available today.

With more than 16 million records, our National Business Database is the largest and most extensive commercially available business-to-business database in the industry.

U.S. Business Database:
Information is available for more than 16 million U.S. businesses. The database contains more than 50 fields of information. Virtually every business, no matter how small, large or newly established is included in the database to target new prospects.

Consumer View Database
Experian’s consumer database includes approximately 215 million consumers in 110 million living units nationwide. Our complete coverage allows clients to demographically segment their list to reach the best prospects for their products and services. Target by age, gender, estimated income, marital status, dwelling  type and more. The vast quantity of names on this database and its varied selection capabilities make this one of the largest and most flexible databases on the market today.

Experian Business Information

Quarterly Credit Index
The Experian/Moody’s Analytics Small Business Credit Index is a quarterly report on the health of U.S. businesses.  The report includes key factors like growth of credit balances, delinquency and macroeconomic data like growth rates for unemployment and industrial production.  Prior to partnering with Moody’s, the report was known as the Business Benchmark Report.  Click the below link for more details.

Metro Business Pulse
A quarterly ranking of U.S. cities based upon business credit that includes details of risk scores, days beyond terms, delinquency and bankruptcy.  Click the below link for more details.

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