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Serving Northern and West Texas, Northern Louisiana and Las Cruces, New Mexico. NACM Southwest is an 750 member not-for-profit trade association providing services to the business credit manager. Our purpose is to educate and provide the professional tools necessary to help ensure the success of the credit manager.
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 Happy Anniversary!

As an NACM Southwest member, you have reason to celebrate!  Your NACM team is celebrating its one year anniversary at their brand new location.  12 months ago the staff was knee deep in sawdust and construction permits.

Today, your hard-working NACM staff is providing you the most complete, up-to-date National Trade Credit Reports in the industry.  Because of their strategic partnerships with other credit reporting agencies, we can rest-assured that our Association is in our corner, negotiating on our behalf, to ensure the very best prices.  They are creating a forum, through their industry credit groups, where we can speak candidly about the paying habits of our mutual customers with our competitors.  The NACM Education staff is helping us invest in our future by providing opportunities for credentialing and continuing professional education.  Their Collection department staff is relentlessly pursuing our debtors, looking out for our bottom line.

I am proud to follow in the footsteps of a long line of NACM Southwest Chairman who had a vision for our Association.  They stayed true to our mission and over the past 100+ years we have created a financially-sound, premier Association for the credit management industry.  Your Association is well-positioned to be your credit, education, and collection resource for the next 100 years.

While the NACM Southwest staff has settled into the new office, they will tell you that they are never too busy to proudly show off their new home.  Stop by for a visit!

JT Nov 11-13

Jay Tenney                                              
Chairman of the Board
NACM Southwest



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NACM Resources

The Credit Managers’ Index (CMI) is created from a monthly survey of credit and collection professionals. The results provide a benchmarking and forecasting tool that looks at the entire cycle of commercial business transactions. Learn more.