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When D&B is the right choice for you but you are not sure that a large contract makes sense, or what D&B level is what you need, NACM Southern Group can provide reports at a deep discount over a direct purchase through the web or by telephone. We'll help you choose the right D&B product at the right price for your specific need.

Low Risk Decisions: Credit Check Report
A snapshot of a business to review their payment and public filings summaries, business history & operations and special events.

Medium Risk Decisions: D&B Commercial Credit Scoring Report®
Estimate a company’s future payment performance. This report predicts the likelihood that a company will become severely delinquent in payment (90 days past terms) over the next 12 months; includes comparisons to other companies.

Medium-High Risk Decisions: D&B Business Information Report®
Get extensive background information on a company. This easy-to-read format provides everything from basic information to payment experiences, corporate structure, financial strength and suits, liens and judgments (when available to D&B).

High Risk Decisions: D&B Comprehensive Report®
This report combines features from all of the above reports. The best report for large exposure. Provides informative, in-depth evaluation of a company’s financial stability. Easy-to-read and provides data helpful in predicting financial stress.

Vendor Decisions: D&B Supplier Analysis Report®
Dun and Bradstreet Supply Management Solutions offer tools for businesses with global supply chains by providing focused and predictive insights to certify, monitor, analyze, and mitigate risk.

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