Credit Groups

Industry business credit groups provide a forum for the exchange of information about past and completed transactions. All business credit groups follow antitrust guidelines to assure compliance with federal and state laws. In an atmosphere of mutual trust and candor, group members discuss accounts receivable of shared customers.

About Industry Credit Groups

The National Association of Credit Management (NACM) has been active in the formation and servicing of industry credit groups since 1896. NACM Southwest, one of thirty affiliates of NACM, has over thirty local, regional and national groups.

Through active involvement in one or more of NACM Southwest's credit groups, members can gain greater knowledge about specific industries or companies. The purpose of exchanging information is to help group members segregate fact from opinions or fiction so that they individually may be able to make a competent and realistic credit decision on a customer's account.

All NACM Southwest industry credit groups are conducted in accordance with the "Antitrust Guide for NACM Group Members" published by the National Association of Credit Management.

The general objectives and purpose of NACM Credit groups are clearly defined within the scope of lawful conduct. Each member must make certain that the specific discussions, programs, and agendas of any group activity serve the legitimate and legal purposes for which the group is organized. This is achieved through an exchange of credit information with members in one or more of the following ways:

Business Credit Reports: Reports are prepared using information furnished by group members. This data is compiled by NACM Southwest and distributed at group meetings. Each of these reports is custom-designed to ensure that the information fulfills the needs of each group.

Round Table Discussion: A member desiring information about a particular company may bring that company's name to the meeting. Members then provide information about the specific companies and give verbal feedback. Members may ask about as many companies as necessary.

Group Discussion List: These are a regular feature of numerous NACM Southwest industry groups. Members regularly submit a list of their accounts for discussion. NACM Southwest then collates a single, comprehensive, group discussion list which is distributed to group members for discussion at the next meeting.

Antitrust Compliance Statement

The exchange of credit information within the Credit Group is for the express purpose of assisting in the formation of individual business judgments based upon increased knowledge of past transactions. There must never be any agreement or understanding, expressed or implied, to fix, determine, or establish joint or uniform prices or conditions under which sales are to be made or credit is to be extended.

NACM Southwest and its associated Industry Credit Groups endorse and comply with the highest standards of professional conduct. Therefore, statements should not be made that could be construed as defaming any group or personal orientation, or considered racist or sexist in any way.

The information distributed and/or discussed at the Group Meeting is of a confidential nature and must be held in strict confidence, must remain within your credit department, and must be used for credit purposes only. You are under no legal obligation to disclose any commercial credit information to any customer.

If the Association receives conclusive evidence that the confidential information obtained through the Credit Group is being misused, the Association reserves the right to take whatever action is necessary to prevent a recurrence.

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Meeting Locations and Directions

NACM Southwest Offices
750 Plaza Blvd
Coppell, Texas 75019
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Las Colinas Country Club
4400 North O'Connor Rd
Irving, Texas 75062
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Odessa Country Club
1 Fairway Dr
Odessa, Texas 79765
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NACM Offices-Pierremont Office Park Conference Room
910 Pierremont Rd Ste 342 
Shreveport, Louisiana 71106 
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 Hackberry Creek Country Club
1901 W. Royal Ln., Irving, TX
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